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Tulsa Weight Loss

Every Part of You Matters

At Health Hub, we focus on taking care of the whole person. If one part of your body is out of line, than the rest of your body is out of sync.

“I look and feel so much better than 6 months ago! Healthhub is the best all-in-one service provider in Tulsa. With their help I have lost over 50 lbs and fixed my messed up back. I know that when I go here, all my health questions and solutions are all in one place.”

- Carrie M.

See Why Patients Choose The Spa to Look Their Best.

We are Tulsa’s newest & safest alternative to Liposuction & Botox treatments. We have international award winning Columbian Body Molding techniques with our Contour Slim Technology.

Our Mission: We will provide the latest in non-invasive Body Contouring technology to all. HealthSource of Tulsa strives to make treatments affordable for every person who has painfully struggled with weight gain, cellulite, excessive skin and areas that will not budge with diet or exercise alone.

We specialize in using three (4) industry leading and FDA Approved technologies: low frequency ultrasound, Radio frequency, BIO Electric & Low Level Laser to target problem areas. These amazing technologies can melt away fat, sculpt beautiful waist lines, smooth out cellulite and even reduce lines & wrinkles with machines & method that get results.

Unlike surgical liposuction, our treatment requires NO recovery period and downtime. You can walk out the door immediately with a new look, feel and shape. We are pain free, non-invasive and most importantly affordable.

We know everybody is not the same; therefore, every treatment cannot be the same. We will tailor your session to best mold and sculpt your body for optimal results. This non-invasive Contour Slim treatment requires NO needles, incision or surgery of any kind.  We at The Spa @ HealthSource are honored to give you the opportunity to experience how Contour Slim can change you!

Still not convinced? See our Frequently Asked Questions, Testimonials & Results Gallery.  We are so confident you will love your treatment and will get results, that if you don’t lose at least 2 inches in your first session…it will be FREE!